Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Having a Blast at the Military Expo

It was "Death from above" at the March Military Expo early Tuesday afternoon. at 12PM SL time, formations of A-10 "Warthog" ground attack aircraft from the Flying Tiger's 74th Squadron took off from an airport in the WW2 Tribute sim. Their mission: destroy as many of the nearby ground targets as they could.

From the safety of the airport, onlookers could watch, and pan out safely from a distance. They watched as the aircraft blanketed the ground with bombs and missiles, turning tanks, oil drums, observation towers, etc. into black, smoldering, wrecks. But it wasn't long before the wrecks were repaired back into operation, requiring more blowing up from the pilots happy to do so.

Eventually, the pilots came back to base, where they congratulated one another. Among the Tigers was Vickster Khun, also known for her role at the New Bastogne WW2 Combat RP region. Earlier I had a few words with her and officer Jessi Warrhol. They described a few events, including a firefight and rescue on Thursday March 29th. Set for Noon SL time, the 38th Squadron will work with the SL Coast Guard in a firefighting and rescue mission. A ship on fire, if all goes as planned, will have the flames estinguished and the crew evacuated. At the Expo tomorrow. March 28th, will be two air assaults at Noon and 6 SL time respectively.

Besides watching the air campaigns, one can also go to the many shops set up on the memorial flying platform and buy a plane for oneself, or go to one of the music events. Sunday for instance had an Areosmith tribute band, with donations collected for the Relay for Life.

Moreevents can be found in the expo schedule Here. For more information, check out and .

The LM is at WW2 Tribute (57, 97, 25).

Bixyl Shuftan

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