Friday, January 10, 2014

Angels Calendar Release Party at Club Zero Gravity

To help keep the rent at the sims run by "White Vixen Enterprises" low, every year Nydia Tungsten does a new "Angels" calendar, with thirteen "pinup" images of Nydia and other girls. On Thursday January 9, the calendar was all ready, and at Club Zero Gravity that night, Nydia threw a release party.

Nydia's latest calendar is out. The beauties of Angels Beach are once again out in pinup, so tonight, we're celebrating with a calendar release party. Come celebrate by dressing up as a pinup as well, whether bathing suits or "au natural." So come and get your calendar tonight. Finding out what day it is was never so much fun.

There was a vendor of the calendar available for anyone to get a copy of (sorry that we can't publish a picture as the Newser can only put up images safe for minors). The dress theme was a bit loose that night, with most lightly dressed. Perri Prinz was the DJ that night, the kani dressed as a playboy bunny, playing a selection of songs such as "Calendar Girl."

I love, I love, I love my calender girl
Yeah, sweet calender girl
I love, I love, I love my calender girl
Each and every day of the year

There was a five thousand Linden prize that night, split between DawnMarie Bartfield, and Sharlindra.

It was a fun night held by all.

Club Zero Gravity has events every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 PM at Purrfection Estates  (232, 35, 3340).

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