Thursday, January 23, 2014

Press Release: Help Out the Red Cross at ArtFest

To all my Second Life Friends I hope 2014 is beginning well for you. Unfortunately there are many who have had to deal with disasters that are out of their control and are relying on the Red Cross to supply them with their basic needs.

I was invited to participate in this years ArtFest. ArtFest is a Charity art competition to raise funds for disaster relief.  100% of the $L raised with ArtFest is converted to real-life money, and donated to the Red Cross/Crescent (Via their Everyday Heroes program).  The Red Cross was chosen, as it is an organization that helps around the globe without discrimination (

An entire (mature) sim (Eclectic Diversity) is devoted to this competition. In the past it has attracted all types of artists and all sorts of categories are covered.  Each category will have two forms of judging, that is done by secret judges and the popular vote where people show their appreciation for the works by donating lindens to the tip jars at each entry. All tip donations will go to the charity.

I have entered a build called "Time Heals All" and invite you to come visit it and the other art installations on the Sim.  I encourage you to tip as much as you can to my tip jar. All of these linden tips will go to the Red Cross. All I get from it are your votes! And though I love all of my fellow artists on the island. I want to Win!!!!

Thank you in advance for your support and generous donation to the Red Cross.

Leroy Horten

Home of the Tail Weavers
Electic Diversity (123, 58, 47)

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