Saturday, January 25, 2014

SL Video: " The Green Lanterns of Second Life Recruitment Video"

(Click here if the video fails to load)

A cartoonish video made by Second Life's Green Lantern Core, which acts as a "neighborhood watch" over the Grid, aimed at attracting new members, "The Green Lanterns of Second Life: An elite group of protectors... species / avatars from different worlds; with unique skills from combat to diplomacy, was secretly created within Second Life. Comprised of smart, highly adaptable individuals, it is their teamwork and expertise that allows them to move faster than any other anti-griefer group within Second Life. They work to overcome disadvantage and turn griefing conflicts into victory; our "Lantern Units" accomplish great things, and we do so together."

For more information, check out the Green Lanterns' blog at: 


  1. I have heard some horror stories about the green lanterns in SL, that they themselves have turned into a griefing group, I will remain open minded about them, but i WILL be watching

  2. Where have you heard this stories? This is the first complaint I've heard about them.

  3. We take reports like that very seriously. Two former members resigned from The Green Lanterns last year when they were confronted about griefing other residents. If you have any specific information about members of the group who are griefing, please contact me, Hal Jordan or GreenLantern Excelsior. Thank you.

  4. If anyone is still reading articles about the SL Green Lanterns, and stumbled upon this one, please hear me out.
    The Green Lanterns have turned from a group helping make the SL Grid a better place and into a mob mentality group, like Antifa and the SJWs.
    Instead of looking into situations from both sides, they make their own decisions on who is the guilty party, and it always ends up either being on the side of the land owners, or they turn up on the scene, and assume that the person responsible was griefing, even if it was an accident.
    Again, these "Heroes" are no better than the mob mentality, vigilante SJWs that we see plaguing our streets and social media pages, claiming their actions are just.