Saturday, January 11, 2014

Draxtor Despres at "Feed a Smile"

Draxtor Despress was at "Feed a Smile" at 3PM on Friday Jan 10. The reason for his being there, a concert by MamaLuv Skytower to help raise funds for the charity, which he was recording. 

"Feed a Smile" is based at the Lavender Fields of the sim of the same name. The charity raises funds for "Live and Learn in Kenya," real life charity based in Germany. For every 100 Lindens donated, they promise a meal for a child in need, "Our goal is to help all of the children on a daily basis. Help us to make life worth smiling about."

 The event lasted about an hour, and raised about 7200 Lindens. Besides me and Draxtor, blogger Inara Pey was also there.

Today, another event will take place, the "Rock a Smile." It will take place at Feed a Smile's Sky Statium, accessible from a teleporter on the surface.

For more information, check out their blog at - or their website at - .

Feed A Smile/54/141/23

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