Saturday, January 4, 2014

More New Year's Eve Pictures

At Club Zero Gravity on New Year's Eve, we had a few people switching to deer avatars, "Happy Nude Deer," and one other: skunks. Two friends of Dusk Griswold showed up as stinkers, and others switched over, resulting in a few jokes about perfuming and a "stinky 2013." The commode-ian I can be sometimes, I went with the joke. Besides, black and white outfits are often worn on the holiday as well. 

Hopefully 2014 brings the sweet smell of success.

 Also at Club Zero Gravity, after the ball had dropped at Times Square in New York, DJ Cynthian Farshore switched to a "Baby New Year" outfit. I hesitated putting up the picture as Cynthia's avatar is a unique one - anyone who's heard of her doesn't need a name tag to recognize it, and thought the intention of the joke was just for the crowd. Talking to her later, she told me to go ahead and print the picture, "I imagine you'll be making a cartoon out of it."

So what would you choose for a punch line? ;-)

 And finally, Jasmine Dawn and I sharing a tender moment in a slow dance.

Happy New Year everyone.

Bixyl Shuftan

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