Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Festivals This Weekend: ROMA Paganalia and the Wulfenbach 2014 Winter Games

This weekend will have not just one, but two fun-filled festivals taking place over Saturday and Sunday. In ROMA, the Paganalia celebration takes place. This salute to the ancients features crocodile races, sword fights, and roleplaying of ancient rituals. In Steelhead and Caledon, there's the Steampunk salute to the Olympics, the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach 2014 Winter Games. In this Gaslamp fantasy part of the Grid, look for steam powered flying carpet races, fencing, and a Monster Hunt to rescue the North Pole from disaster.

The first Paganalia event, the ritual to honor Ceres, takes place Saturday Jan 25 at 10AM SL time at ROMA Vinovium (206/18/31). Shortly afterwards, the Winter Games kickoff starts at 11AM at the Dragon Amphitheater (pictured) at Caledon On Sea (161/35/3076).

Details will be added to the "Events Next Week" section later.

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