Friday, January 17, 2014

Second Life Newspaper's Website Offline

Since Second Life Newspaper closed it's doors, the website and it's archived stories, at least the Main and People sections, remained up as a record of people places and events in Second Life's middle years. At least it did until now. Checking the website this week, only the front page remained. The rest of the newsletter was down.

After three and a half years, almost as long as it was active, the old newspaper had finally vanished from the scene.

But all is not completely lost. Using the Internet Archive website (, also known as the "Wayback Machine," one can still get a look at copies of the pages (link). It seems only the Main and People Sections still work, though. Other sections such as Red Light and M.A.C.E. are still gone.

Second Life Newspaper officially began as a blog in November 2007 by JamesT Juno, and within a year had emerged as Second Life's top newspaper with several sections. Dana Vanmoer was the editor for most of it's history. Real life difficulties would eventually force James and Dana to leave Second Life and close Second Life Newspaper. Most of the staff would form Second Life Newser, which continues to write to this day.

Bixyl Shuftan

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