Monday, May 26, 2014

Australia Sim Closes

Yesterday, it was announced that the Australian sim, along with it's sister sim of Dingo Bay, would be closing down.  Whelan Ferraris, the owner of the place, explained the reasons in a notecard.

Well folks, I hope you have enjoyed the little that we've been able to offer at Dingo Bay, it has been a pleasure to put it all together and make a little slice of 'Australian' fun available for friends to meet and relax. You may or may not be aware that another six Australian or Aus-related sims have ceased in the last month. Sadly, we must follow that path. Gem and I have enjoyed seven years in SL and the last couple of years have been part of a dream to keep Australian presence in SecondLife. We have viewed this sim set as an iconic representation of real life Australia and have continued to extend an ambassadorial face to the rest of the world. Unfortunately the private purse is now empty and our desire to have these sims at least meet us halfway has not come through. After tonight, Australia and Dingo Bay will dissolve. Gem, Whelan and Raven extend our wishes of continued health and good humour to yourselves, friends and family.

When contacted by the Newser, Whelan stated he would have more to say later on, but had the grim task of informing more people as well as taking down things.

More information to come.

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