Thursday, May 1, 2014

Press Release: St Helens Picnic Grounds and Nature Reserve

Spring has Sprung!

The St Helens Picnic Grounds and Nature Reserve are open to all for general use. There are picnic tables, a simple dock to give easy access to the west arm of Spirit Lake, a gazebo with firepit, and a day use hut for viewing Nature in comfort. There is a stove and tea always ready to warm you up.

The hut is the headquarters of the Steelhead Walking Club, which will occasionally have impromptu "meet-ups" to walk about St Helens and Steelhead. Walking sticks are available.

There are chiming maple trees (only two of them set to chime, but if you can find them, you may silence them OR MAKE THEM ALL CHIME LIKE MAD THINGS). Fortunately for the neighbors, sounds are restricted to parcel only so as not to disturb livestock and wildlife.

2 groups of Tai Chi poseballs are set out for your enjoyment; the group nearest the dock gives a good view of St Helens and the night-time auroral display. The group at the back of the preserve looks over Shanghai-That-Was. A radio control in the warming hut can be changed (you may need to wear a group tag).

Steelhead Picnic Grove and Walking Club, Steelhead St Helens (37, 219, 37)
St Helens Picnic Grove and Nature Preserve, Steelhead St Helens (46, 226, 37)

Steelhead Picnic Grove and Walking Club is owned and managed by Mr. Dhughan Froobert, proprietor of Froobert's Far West Imports, a maker of walking sticks and whatever else grabs his fleeting attention.

Noveau Steampunk, Steelhead (113, 151, 24)

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