Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Press Release: "Back to the Future In the Metaverse" on May 15

On Thursday May 15 at 11 AM SL Time (2PM EST, 8PM EU Time) there will be a meeting in Second Life to discuss the VR renaissance outlined in "Back to the Future in the Metavverse."

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014
Time: 11am PDT (2pm EDT, 8pm EU)
LocationSoleri City, Terasem Island, Second Life
Click here to teleport to Soleri City (requires a Second Life viewer)
Martine Rothblatt is a visionary technology entrepreneur and social activist, founder of Terasem (see this recent Time article)

Philip Rosedale is a visionary technology entrepreneur, founder of Second Life andHigh Fidelity.
Other speakers will be announced here soon.
Contacts: Giulio Prisco, Khannea Suntzu
Second Life contacts (avatars):
Eschatoon Magic
Khannea Suntzu
Kirsch Greenwood
Perplexing Poultry


  1. Hi, thanks for mentioning this event. See the final program here:

  2. And I plan to attend providing I get the day off as requested. So everyone, come and see what Val does in her writing job!