Thursday, May 29, 2014

Press Release: Burn2 Group Announces Plot Winners For Conception 2014

This year, Conception is celebrating 11 years of events on the playa in Second Life.  Today, we
are excited to announce our collection of the BURN2 Artists, Creators, and Builders for
Conception 2014!   All the builds will reflect one of three themes:  The past; where we have come
from,  the present; where we are now, or the future; where we are going.

Some artists are ready to share a description of their builds while others are still in the creative
process! Patience, Patience. You can check in on our webpage for updates on their build

DRUM ROLL... and the WINNERS are...

Neeks Karu
FireFury Burns
johannes1977 Resident
Bianca Bender
Ginger Lorakeet
Livio Korobase
polkamatic feller
sirhc desantis
Aeran Stipe
sulumor romulus
Betty Tureaud
Alesha Hax
Solkide Auer
Nena Laasonen
Penelope Parx
Herbie Haven
stardove spirt
Lauston Oh
lagu indigo
Giovanna Cerise
Cienega Soon
Krystali Rabeni 

The crater plots on the playa where the winners will stake their claim. 

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