Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Wounded Warrior Benefit Raises Over 100,000 Lindens

Yesterday on Sunday May 26, Veterans Isle held its Memorial Day Weekend Wounded Warrior Benefit. For four hours, performers entertained the crowd, many dancing to the music. The event was organized in part by musician Frets Nirvana.

It is time for the Wounded Warriors Memorial Weekend benefit. And we have a great lineup! Please join us to celebrate the memorial weekend the way it should be ... helping our vets! Give to those who give us our freedom. And say your prayers for one of our supporting Vets. Pondman Haalan (Alton Rex) had to cancel due to health issues. 

Anek Fuchs started the event out at 5PM SL time. At 6PM, Senjata Witt took to the stage. 7PM was when Frets Nirvana got his guitar and went to the stage himself. Finally at 8PM. Rhia Yuhara and her band, "Rhia's Rawkettes," performed for the crowd for the last hour.

"This is the way to celebrate Memorial Weekend!" Frets told everyone at the event, asking people to invite their friends over. As time went on, the amounts in the two kiosks on either side of the stage slowly got larger. On occasion, Frets would match a donation, "1500 during this song and I have to match it." One jeweler offered a custom set of her wares for any donation of $3000 or greater.

By the end of the event, there was 52,500 Lindens in the left kiosk and 48,850 in the right one, for a total of 101,350 Lindens.

"Thank you everyone for supporting."

Bixyl Shuftan

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