Saturday, May 3, 2014

Press Release: Relay Wizards Jail & Bail

Anastasia Mathilde:  Queen of Burgundy AND Guild Leader of Federation Alliance, one of Tiny Empires' Great Leaders, faces JAIL, for RelayForLife!

The Jail sits empty, waiting for her arrival.  But, YOU have the chance to SAVE Anastasia! The Donation Kiosk is already in place, and Donations are Open.  If you raise her bail BEFORE she has to report on Saturday, May 3, at 10 am, she will be released to spend that day in Freedom!

She has bravely agreed to a bail of 100,000L.  Can you Do IT?  All donations are welcome, large or small.  This is the Magic of RelayForLife of SecondLife.  In SL, even small amounts come together until you have A River, helping Find A Cure.  If you can, please Donate to this great cause.

First Life donations via Credit Card are also possible.

The donation kiosk includes an Oval prim and is located under a large sign of Anastasia.

Chatrez (164/41/25)

Sponsored by Relay Wizards for SpUnKy.

Please IM Shawna Montgomery with questions.

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