Thursday, July 3, 2014

Press Release: Jamm for Genes in SL 2014

Since 2007 Jamm for Genes in Second Life has raised over $10,000 for the Children's Medical Research Institute - an Australian Charity with global benefits.In  2014 Jamm for Genes in SL we will hold fund-raising concerts throughout the first weekend in August, supported by the generosity of over 50 Second Life musicians who will perform while all tips are donated to the fund-raiser. Our target for the fund-raiser is 500,000 Linden. We are officially sanctioned by CMRI to raise funds, and all funds raised are donate to the CMRI through the "Jeans for Genes" charity.

Jamm for Genes in SL will begin at 12 am on Friday 1st August -  Jeans for Genes day - and continue throughout the weekend with a lineup of top class live musicians including regulars from The Pocket, B&Bs and Lacey's Place as well as artists from all around the grid who care about raising funds to solve the puzzle of genetic illness and make a better future for kids .

Jamm for Genes is  part of the annual Jeans for Genes fund-raiser by the Children's Medical Research Institute - see these web links for more information.

To contact me about Jamm for Genes IM OhMy Kidd in world or email

For free Jamm for Genes in SL supporters gear see the SL Marketplace at

All times and dates are Second Life time (USA PDT)

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