Monday, July 21, 2014

Relay for Life: Relay Weekend Awards Winners

At the Relay Weekend's Closing Ceremonies, the following awards were announced.

Cancer Education Awareness

1st Place: Harmonia of Hope
2nd Place: Relay Rockers
3rd Place: LV Silver Screeners

Returning Team Participation

1st Place - Relay Rockers
2nd Place - Team Shadow
3rd Place - Unmasking a Cure

New Team Participation

1st Place - Team Strange Journeys
2nd Place - True to Life Survivors
3rd Place - Relay Ravens

Exhibition Design Award

1st Place - Home & Garden Expo/Fiction For a Cure
2nd Place - Survivor Campsite by Bianca Bender
3rd Place - Committee Campsite by Luna Barak

Designer Sim Award

1st Place - Eliz Wantanabe
2nd Place - Eclair Martinek
3rd Place - Beq Janus

Interactive Creative Fundraising Award

1st Place - Relay Rockers
2nd Place - Tribute City Relayers
3rd Place - Harmony of Hope

Best Theme Campsite

1st Okace - Tribute City Relayers
2nd Place (3 way tie) - Steelhead Salmons, Relay Wizards for Spunky, Foundation for Life
3rd Place - Harmony of Hope

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