Friday, July 11, 2014

Press Release: RFL - Changes to Most Lapped Walked Awards Structure

After reviewing last year's volunteer feedback, the following changes have been implemented to ensure that everyone has a fun and quality experience on the relay track. These changes affect the Most Walked Laps Awards structure and are as follows:

1. Instead of awarding trophies to the persons who had accumulated the most laps, the acknowledgement will be awarded in three tiers, based on the laps completed.

2. The three tiers are as follows:
1 complete lap to 9 complete laps - 3rd Level Recognition
10 complete laps to 19 complete laps - 2nd Level Recognition
20 complete laps to 30 complete laps - 1st Level Recognition
31 laps or more disqualified from earning award recognition

3. We encourage speed boosters be saved for use AFTER the Event Day has ended.  We invite those, who like to use our track as an opportunity to get out those speed enhancing scripts, to enjoy the track from Sunday night (the 20th)  after 8pm SLT until the track is dismantled later in the week.  In fact, if YOU would like to organize the GREAT RELAY RACE for any day after the close of Event Day, let us know by IMing anyone on your committee!

Thank you for your feedback and cooperation, as we strive to make our Relay fun and enjoyable for all!

The 2014 Relay For Life of Second Life Committee

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  1. Unless your using some form of speed enhancing script there is no way to get more than 26 or 27 laps in the 24 hours of relay. So now no reason to use those scripts. I say about time.