Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RFL: The "Drain Party" and Teardown Date Announced

One of the traditions that's arisen about the few days the Relay Track is up after the big weekend is over is that among the impromptu parties that spring up is that somebody floods his sim, often just an extra foot of water, and holds a "Flood Party." This time on Monday July 21, there was a different twist. In one of the water sims, the water level was lowered, and a "Drain Party" or "Unflooded Party" was announced.

It was a bit sureal in places, with fish "swimming" around in the air, but it was still fun, "In an attempt to flood a different sim,... well.. accidents happen. A time machine, a weather control system,and a few violations of the laws of physics later..... Unflooded party! 3:30 ish  till whenever people fall over (again)!"

With DJ Fuzzball spinning the tunes, and his daughter Mindy going around with a toy ray gun, "pew pew," people danced away in the damp sand and shallow water.

Unfortunetly, the post-weekend fun will not last long. Tuesday will be the last day people can walk the track and see most of the exhibits. The Relayers have to take them down the following day.

"At this time, the plan for campsite teardown is Wednesday, July 23rd.  Please enjoy the regions until then.  Visit the campsites, take pics for memories, discover what you might have missed, and visit the Activities Regions and BUY MORE luminarias! Thank you for an amazing Relay Weekend!"

Hurry up and see the track and exhibits while you can.

*Addition* The Teardown date has been moved to Thursday July 24.

Bixyl Shuftan

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