Friday, July 25, 2014

Eye on the Blog: Experience Keys

Last week, Linden Lab announced on their official blog a new feature: "Experience Keys." This is a shortcut that allows a resident to grant permission for scripted objects of an encounter or experience to act on the avatar multiple times without asking for permission to continue at every single step.

Experience Keys are a new tool in Second Life that make it so you can opt-in to an entire experience made up of numerous scripted objects, rather than having to grant avatar permissions to every individual element of that experience. In other words, they allow creators to make experiences that are more immersive, because they’re not interrupted by permissions dialogues. Additionally, with Experience Keys, each of the scripts in the experience has access to a common private database that stores information across user sessions and simulator restarts; a powerful new capability for scripters. 

(Click here if the video fails to play)

Partially to show off what Experience Keys can do, the Lindens set up a game for residents to play: The Cornfield. To play it though, a resident needs the "Experience Keys Project Viewer." There are a few known issues with the viewer, though, such as the avatar looking "distorted" after changing appearances, and crashes with a certain video card.

... you can have some fun and get a sense for the ways Experience Keys can improve inworld content by checking out The Cornfield- a new (free) game, thematically inspired by a bit of Second Life history and created by the moles. Watch the trailer below, then grab theExperience Keys Project Viewer and go check it out for yourself 

One can get to The Cornfield Here: Portal Park1 (127/122/24)

One can read the blog post in full here: (Click Here).

Of "The Cornfield" game, Marianne McCann wrote a review one can check out (click here).

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