Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Expo Opens

The frosty frozen sims of the Christmas Expo for the Relay of Life are now filled with the wonderful shops of the many merchants who are donating so much work and energy to benefit the Relay . A list of all the participants and their locations can be found here 
The members of the committee have put together a wonderful event that all will enjoy visiting. Santa and elves will be there waiting for visitors. There is a naughty and nice package in many stores so be sure to look for them. Many merchants also have placed presents in the stores too and there is a hunt for bells filled with goodies. In the Christmas Tree lot some gorgeous trees made especially for this year are for sale.
 There will be music and dancing on the stages and the opportunity to build a snowman. A good way to get a look at each sim is to sit in Santa’s sleigh which will take you up into the air and give you an overhead view. He loves driving you around. He also loves having his picture taken while you sit on his lap in his special area.  Or, Rudolph is found at several places and if you hop on and navigate your own tour. I tried all these out and they work !  The skating area is open for business so bring your skates . 
I was lucky enough to be on the sims while the preparation for all this was in progress working with the merchants and their stores. They put a lot of effort in their own décor inside the igloos and other buildings of the artic environment and you will love visiting each one. The wares are gorgeous and It is wonderful that they have invested so much into making the Expo a big boon for the American Cancer Society (which works internationally). Their work is a donation in itself and they are to be thanked. On the website the wonder sponsors are listed too. And for those into gachas, yes there are some there.
The committee for the Expo should also be thanked for their effort in the decorations of the sims. I called it a frosty frozen place but the bright décor of the trees and shrubs and brilliant splashes of the rich red colors bring life to the regions. The gingerbread  stage held up by ribbon candy is sweet and the wrapping paper stage is brilliant. The Christmas Expo opens on December 3 and runs until the 14th. I am glad I saved some lindens after all my visiting of markets to spend. I saw a lot or things I would like and you will too. Remember this is for a great cause.

Gemma Cleanslate

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