Monday, December 21, 2015

Who Should Be Second Life Newser's "Man of the Year?"

Time Magazine recently chose it's "Man of the Year," who was actually a woman this time, Germany's Chandellor Angela Merkel. So with this in mind, the Newser will soon be choosing Second Life's "Man of the Year" for 2015, the person, persons, or thing that had the most impact on the virtual world, for good or bad.

Unlike last year, there was no new CEO taking the reins of Linden Lab. So it might be a little trickier for people to come up with one person whom truly stood above the others in their impact on the Grid. But there are no shortage of candidates. Ebbe Linden, last year's winner, continued to make an impact with his interviews to both Second Life and Internet media. But he wasn't the only Linden making news as Xiola Linden often was the friendly face of the Lab in events organized by them. Others in the news were the Crew of the SS Galaxy and the Steelhead Community as their respective sims faded away. There was Chaos Priestman and Bethsael Robbiani, the team behind the Bright Canopy viewer which took the place of the discontinued SL GO which allowed Second Life to be played from a tablet once again. There were the teams behind major events, the Second Life Birthday, Burn2, and of course the Relay for Life. And there was Project Sansar and it's team, that while outside Second Life certainly was never far from it's collective mind of the residents with the speculation about it.

So who do you the readers think deserves the title of Man (or Woman) of the Year? Please give your thoughts in the comments below.

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. I nominate Shady Fox, who is much loved in both the Raglan and Luskwood communities. he is currently gravely ill and fighting for life. As a DJ he had a big professional presence in second life, but more importantly, he was a friend to countless avatars. It would be a good way to reward him for all that he has done, for so many people.