Monday, December 21, 2015

Linden Snowball Fight Today

Have you ever desired to pelt a Linden with a snowball? This morning you just might get your chance. A couple days ago on the official Second Life blog, Xiola Linden announced that today, Monday December 21 at 10AM SL time, there would be some of their number in the "Winter Wonderland" area, waiting for any residents to challenge them to a snowball fight.

Come one - come all to the Snowball Arena for a friendly ice battle of epic proportions! We’re bringing back the Official Snowball Showdown - where you’re free to pelt your fellow Second Life Residents and Lindens with a bevy of sparkling snowballs! 

If you missed last year’s battle - now’s your chance to get some snow slinging fun in an icy free-for-all at Winter Wonderland. Join us on Monday, December 21st between 10 AM SLT and noon SLT.
If you’re looking for the latest in snow-slinging arsenal, be sure to grab your free snow launching weaponry from the vendors around the arena. Premium members can unlock even more powerful artillery.
Mark your calendars, assemble your dream team of friends, and meet us in the snow!

Read the blog post in it's entirety here.

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