Monday, December 14, 2015

SL Video: "The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 34: Cheeky Pea]"

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From Draxtor Despress on December 9, "The mainstream media likes to point out how 'living online' destroys relationships in the 'real' world but for one American-Scottish couple the virtual world of Second Life became a facilitator: a conduit to finding each other's 'soulmate'.

"'You can absolutely tell who someone is by meeting their avatar in SL' says 3D designer Isla Gealach, who moved in with Ewan Mureaux two years ago after having met almost 8 years ago online.

"Ewan, who makes a living doing land deals and writing scripts in Second Life, points out that by allowing to freely use an avatar identity as proxy for communicating, Second Life is unique in the category of social networks: '…it can cut through societal constraints and gets more to the heart of who you are!'

"Completing the Edinburgh based family is Isla's daughter who at 9-years of age has a solid grasp of the concept of virtual goods. No surprise there, since her mother makes her income by selling home and garden accessories via the Cheeky Pea brand.

"The perceived esoteric nature of her work prompts Isla to use the term intangible rather than virtual when put on the spot about her profession: 'I always respond to skeptics by saying that I make environmental spaces where the experience and the memories people have with my products are real!'

"'As real as anything else!' says Ewan Mureaux.

"And, suddenly, there is virtually nothing more to add...or is there?

"For more information on Cheeky Pea check out"

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