Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunweaver Rhypanthian Abilene Has Died

The Sunweaver/Angels community suffered a loss this weekend when word came one of their number, Rhypanthian Abilene, usually known as "Panth" to his friends, had passed away a couple days before. Rita Mariner, the Sunweaver leader, gave the news in a group announcement.

It has just come to my attention, that Panthian, Felina's mate and long time friend.  Passed away 2 days ago, of a heart attack.  I am collecting info on the funeral, which is in the Netherlands, Hopefully we can still send flowers.  My sympathy to Panth's RL family and especially to our own Felina, who lost a friend of 15 years.  I will be collecting funds for the flowers.  Any prayers and offers of condolence to her and Panth's  family will be deeply appreciated.

Both Rypanthian and his partner, Felina Fermi, came to Second Life and partnered in 2006. Before that, they had known each other in MMO games.

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