Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter Comes To The Sunweavers

With December now upon us, many sims across Second Life are taking on a winter look, with a fresh blanket of snow. This includes a couple of the Sunweaver sims: HV Community, where the SL Newser office resides, and Sunny Beach.

HV Community simply has a blanket of snow. It hasn't gotten cold enough for flowing water to freeze.

In Sunny Beach, which has fewer buildings, the land has more of a winter wilderness look, with Jasmine Dawn having done the landscaping. There's a leafless forest of dormant trees.

In the middle of the sim is a fire people can relax at and warm themselves, or they can head inside the cabin.

This won't be the end as our noted builder Shockwave Yareach has been building something of his own, which should be finished well in time for Christmas.

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