Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Eye On The Blog: Linden Lab Offering 50% Discount For Training on Virtual Clothing Maker

On Monday December 7, Linden Lab announced on the official Second Life blog that residents would receive a fifty percent discount for taking the training course by "CG Elves" for "Marvelous Designer," which was described as "an advanced tool for creating 3D mesh clothes." The offer was good only until December 30.

Marvelous Designer is an advanced tool for creating 3D mesh clothes, and for a limited time, Second Life creators can save 50% on an online training course from CG Elves that will teach you how to use this software.

Visit the CG Elves site through this link, opt in to the “Mastering Marvelous Designer: Beginners Course & Advanced Workshops,”  select any add-ons you may want, then use secondlife-special in the coupon code section of the checkout cart to receive your discount.
This offer is only good until December 30th, 2015 - so find out more about the training course and if it’s right for you by visiting the CG ELves website today!

Is Linden Lab trying to encourage residents to take up making mesh goods? Ciaran Laval called it "a step in the right direction," noting it had a resume with some impressive names, such as being used in the "Assassins Creed" game series, and one of "The Hobbit" movies. Inara Pey wasn't sure what to make of this "unusual promotion ... to be honest, I’m scratching my head a little over it." She noted that although it came with a fifteen day free trial, Marvelous Designer wasn't cheap, with a $59 monthly subscription fee, a $360 yearly subscription, which could be discounted up to fifty percent to $180, and a lifetime one time cost of $550. The training program itself was $399 before the discount, of which the limited offer cut down to $199.50. She also brought up Project Sansar, wondering if this was some "vague pointer" the upcoming virtual world would support this designer's tool.

Hamlet Au hasn't written about the training course discount yet. Instead, he responded to a comment made by one of his readers, about how the "Prim-Based Era" of 2007/2008 was Second Life's "golden years" of content creation, as prims made it relatively easy to build and create, comparing it to "Minecraft" in which although limited to blocks, people were capable of building some amazing things there (such as actual working cell phones). But mesh "completely broke the whole 'easy to make' part of the content creation. If nowadays a new player came to me and was like 'HEY, that looks nice, how do I build something like that?' I would go 'Sigh... you study modeling, unwrapping, rendering, texturing, animation and programming for 5 years and who knows, you might get there...'"

For the Linden Lab blog post, Click Here.

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