Friday, December 11, 2015

Announcement: First Annual Blake Passage Christmas Lights Boat Parade

MarkTwain White posted the following on the Virtual World Sailing Forums.

"Be sure to put this Saturday, December 12 on your calendar. At 10AM  the 29 region Blake Passage area will host first annual Blake Passage Christmas Lights Boat Parade.

"The residents of Blake Passage are working on getting their homes, docks and boats decorated to welcome all of us to join them for this special holiday event which will become an annual tradition. Get your boats decorated for this special night time parade as we celebrate the holidays with our festively lit boats and cruise from Skagway (the heart of the Blake Passage regions) down to the Hollywood sim where DJ Benny the Boozehound will rock the Bowl with music to listen to while lined up to get under the mistletoe.

"Please decorate your boats responsibly avoiding adding any Grinch inspired lag to the event. No Mega Yachts please. Sailboats will proceed under power with sails down. This is a cold evening event based in general sims. We ask that our topless cruising friends bundle up on this one special night and dress for the season."

MarkTwain would later state, "The inspiration for The Blake Passage Christmas Lights Boat Parade is the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade which will be holding it's 107th annual parade later this month."

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