Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Interview with Rod Humble in SF Gate

SF Gate has an article with pictures of Second Life throughout the years, with a link to an interview with Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble by Benny Evangelista. Humble answered a number of questions. When asked about the hype surrounding the Grid several years ago, he admitted, "it probably had too much publicity at it's peak," and added it was now overlooked too much. Among his goals for Second Life was to reach out to those who tried Second Life but didn't stay and get them to return. When asked "Is there going to be a Second Life2?," he seemed to be saying there would be in the future, "it's not going to be for a few years, but it'll be something next gen."

Hat Tip: Daniel Voyager

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  1. If they had started working on it years ago when the shortcomings of the first generation were more than clear, we'd HAVE it already!

    We need 100+ people to a sim. This can be done today with interleaving.

    We need a 33% cut in land prices for islands. the big land barons already get this so it's affordable.

    The lab needs to stop treating mainland and islands differently. If we wanted to live on mainland, we'd live there already. Stop trying to force your customers to buy a product they don't want.

    The lab needs to simply say "you own virtual property in the virtual world SL and when SL disappears so does the property" and stop with the weasel lawyering.

    The lab needs to restrict the marketplace sales to better tie with inworld land size. Today having an inworld store loses the business money while someone with no land at all takes tons of money out of SL. The world is dying quickly because the marketplace makes owning land a bad investment.

    Having seen the gross incompetence of the lab in dealing with even the simplest problems though, I've no expectation that they'll do the right thing, now or ever.