Friday, June 21, 2013

Cenedra Asbourne's Art Show

I took a break from the SL10B Saturday to attend the opening of an art exhibit of works by my friend Cenedra Asbourne. It was held at the ImagineNations Estates in Wicked River. Many people showed up for the event. Warren Ochs welcomed us with “ HI everyone ... if I can interrupt you all for just a second. Thanks to all of you for visiting the NEW ImagineNations. We're very pleased to have Cenedra and Thea exhibiting with us this month....”

Cenedra is displaying some of her lovely works. She does many styles of photographs but these are her from her fanciful side. The colors are lovely and bright , depicting dream like figures. You can see more of her art at

Across the way Thea Maiman is exhibiting several of her works They are lovely in a very different way , displaying a more realistic side of life. More works are found at . Both exhibits will be showing all month. There are other lovely works from SL artists on the upper and lower floors. Take time to walk around and enjoy.

Gemma Cleanslate

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