Saturday, June 29, 2013

Press Release: Relay For Life - Swashbucklers for Life

Swashbucklers for Life is a collaboration between the many pirate/privateer/buccaneer groups throughout the Steamlands in support of Relay for Life. Originally conceived as a relatively simple gathering of three different pirate crews in Caledon and Winterfell, SFL quickly grew into a day-long event involving many different groups in multiple sims across the Steamlands. For SFL's third year, we're expanding to an entire weekend of swashbuckling excitement!

Get buccaneered up and get ready for a day of fun on the seas! Swashbuckling attire is encouraged, but optional. Come for as much of the weekend as you can (or as much as you dare...) and show your support for Relay for Life in the Steamlands! There will be dancing and drinking; there will be music, mayhem, and modeling. There will be comely wenches and dashing buccaneers. There will be rum. What more could you possibly ask for?

Saturday, June 29th:

9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. - Sea Battle (Fair Winds Battles)

Why not have a taster of life as a gunner on a fine ship???

TAKE to the high seas and fight side by side on a ship of the line
experienced and novice crew members welcome - instructions, weapons, and meters will be provided before the battle

The aim of this battle is NOT SINK THE SHIPS but to board them shoot everyone and take the ship! - and stay alive!.........easy right?

Donations all go to RELAY FOR LIFE (please donate before the battle as dead men cant pay!)

Location: Fair Winds, (167, 62, 24)

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. - Tall Ship Race (Winterfell Privateers)

The Tall Ship Race is part of the Swashbuckler for Life multi-team RFL Event, organized by the Winterfell Privateers

The race will start South of the Nepenthe Gate, the border between Winterfell and Caledon and will end under the gate itself, after a tour of the Southern Winterfell sims. The race field is shown in the image below.

Eligible ships are 2 or 3 masted sailships propelled by SL winds, usually used in naval battles and belonging to the SPD, TSS, SCS, SSS, JRS, AT, BRS classes (any ship usually approved for naval battles is eligible, even if not listed here). There is no other limit, but keep in mind that not all the ships fit under the Nepenthe gate. Even if the bridge will be opened at the required moments, the opening is rather narrow and ships that fit under the gate will be able to get more room to maneuver and will find themselves at an advantage (an SPD Frigate, for instance will require the gate to be opened).

Each race will be one go through the race field once.

- If 2 ships will enter the race we will have a direct final
- If 3 ships will enter the race we will have a round robin (each ship will compete against the other two). In case each ship wins one  race we will have a 3 ships final
- If 4-5 ships will enter the race we will have 2 semifinals (one with 3 ships and the other with 2 ships) and the winners will meet in a final
- if 6-7 ships enter the race we will have 3 semifinals and one 3-ships final
- If 8 or more ships will enter the race we will have quarterfinals, semifinals and final

Contact Wildstar Beaumont or Oriella Charick in world for information.

Fair Winds to all the Captains!

Landmark: Winterfell Absinithe  (29, 46, 42)

1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. - Steam Pirate Derby (Armada Scoundrel Fleet)

What's a pirate like most? Treasure and Glory, that's what! The ASF Steam Pirates Derby is an event that will test ALL your pirate skills in a Dash for Treasure! Think you have the skills to be the baddest of them all? Well, here's your chance to prove it!!

The Derby consists of a race in a rickety steam powered ship, following a map map to the TREASURE! It's buried on an island, you see, and you need to go claim it. But that's just the beginning! The other pirates will be gunning for your ship, and for YOU! There may be unforeseen hazards along the way.

But you won't be left defenseless - donning a special HUD will supply you with a compass and weapons, as well as a health meter. You may find upgrades along the way!

ALL you need to do is work your way through the clues and be the first back to Scoundrel HQ with the treasure!! You may take the chance to slow the competition by shooting their ship, or temporarily killing them. Oh, and you must SURVIVE the attempt...

Location: Blake Bay (203, 119, 21)

For more events that day, check with the Relay For Life in Second Life.

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