Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The SL Newser Anniversary Beach Party

On Sunday June 2, the crew of Second Life Newser, and some friends of, held a beach party. The occasion: it was three years ago this week the paper began.

The party was held at Cova's Cova, Covadonga Writer being a longtime friend of the paper.

 Grey Lupindo brought a hula skirt for the occasion.

 And DrFran Babcock got "bunnehfied" for much of the party.

Theonlyjohnny showed up at dark, lighting things up with his "Blue Lantern" power ring.

Jasmine Dawn Shuftan and Alleara Snoodle were among those attending the party. Allie got a bit of talk with her shimmering mesh dress.

The celebrations continue for the week. Tonight at Club Zero Gravity is a late night party held in honor of the Newser. It's held at 6 to 8 PM Purrfection Estates (229, 11, 3365).

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