Thursday, June 20, 2013

Club Fur back in Furnation

Since the closing of the Furnation Prime sim in 2009, Club Fur has been owned by Alynna Vixen. It was moved to Kitsuhana, and reopened in November 2010. It stayed high above the sim for a few years, until a few days ago when Alynna announced that the Furnation Prime sim was back, and she had moved the club back there. She is looking for DJs and hosts & hostesses.

Now that the sim is back, there's no reason the club should not follow.   Please accept the new landmark.  We should be reopening in about a week or two.

Club Fur is the oldest furry-themed club in Second Life, possibly the oldest club still around. It is a member of the FCA club alliance. It's new location is FurNation Prime (55, 31, 21).

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