Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy at the SL10B

Taking a breather after having just moved my desk to the SL10B SL Newser exhibit. The team has been hard at work getting everything in place and are determined to finish by the deadline. Today is the final day of building, and tomorrow the sim will be closed to the exhibitors as the plots are inspected.

One of the staff, Catboy Qunhua,  put her words in this little poem.

Get to work you builders you
Or you’ll be sorry, then you’ll be through
As deadline looms, and anxiety brews
The builders rely on their kung fu
To lay down prims for their debut
Of SL10, to great review

Of mighty mesh and tortured sculpties
And twisted prims stretched to sky, Seize
Of our hearts and imaginations
To utopian worlds of compilation
Layed out in plots and neat locations
Which we laid claim by reservation

But first we must steel our propagation
No laggy scripts of provocation
Textures below 512 square are divine
And keep our prims below 269
No vendors please or you will accrue
The brilliant wrath of Pygar Bu

No scanning scripts to look about
And lucky chairs are just right out
No megaprims of great inflation
No tipjars please to solicit donations

To script, to build, to celebrate
Not overload our own baud rate
So to your plots you must lay down
Your best creations of great renown
Before the clock strikes midnight here
And you’ll get the boot right in your rear

So go make haste of your fleeting time
 And don’t spend it on the standard whine
“Which midnight do you mean, good sir?”
Which one do you think you %$^&’ing cur? 

The SL10B opens this Sunday, June 16th

Bixyl Shuftan

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