Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RFL Pool Party at Tiny's Haven

On Saturday at 1PM SL time, there was a pool party at Tiny's Haven for the Relay or Life, where the local tiny avatars invited human and other larger avatars (which they commonly call "biggies") over to cool off and donate a few Lindens for the Relay team "Tiny Steps for a Cure."

DJ Laz spun the tunes for the party, being encouraged by the Relay's popular DJ Madonna. When asked about her latex dress and if it was suggestive, Madonna commented, "I'm not bad, I just dress that way."

 Avariel Falcon was among those there, doing the dogpaddle, or is that the unicorn-paddle?

The party was great fun for all.

"Tiny Steps For a Cure" is one of the top Relay teams in fundraising, as of the writing of this article almost at 400,000 Lindens.

There were other Relay events that weekend. Among them Dusk Griswold DJed at one event in honor of one girl whom had recently lost her fight against cancer, and the team that was started inher behalf.

Bixyl Shuftan

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