Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SL Video: "The Drax Files - Episode 7: Rod Humble"

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In the latest of Draxtor Despres "Drax Files,"he interviews Rod Humble, the CEO of Linden Labs.

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"I have no idea why it's magic but it is!" Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble says about his company's core product - the vast digital sandbox known as Second Life which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.

With over 1 million active monthly users and annual user-to-user transactions of 500 million US$ in virtual goods and services Second Life has outlived many prestigious game titles and once relevant social networks in a highly competitive market.

In this special episode of the Drax Files Mr. Humble theorizes on the secret to SL's longevity, marvels at the beauty of community driven markets and ponders the empowering properties of avatar-based interaction.

Many thanks to all the wonderful extras who helped populate and color the crowd scenes. Please identify yourself via the comments and let us know who you are by including the timestamp. Special thanks to Marianne McCann, Elicio Ember, Kayle Mazerath, Pygar Bu, Scott Rolfe and Rynn Verwood who created a lasting image in fascinating impromptu fashion: "My Avatar is Me!" - download the music here AND please support the show by grabbing the official SL merch - transcript of the interview/outtakes are here & some more words by yours truly in re why what and where is here

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Rodvik had a number of things to say. Among them, He gets fewer death threats than some gaming communities, saying only one Resident made a threat against him.

*Addition*  For a transcript of what Rod Humble was saying, check  out Jo Yardley's blog.

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