Thursday, June 27, 2013

SL10B: A Message From Golan Eilde

SL10B  -Looking Forward, Looking Back

What a celebrations it was. Wow, made my heart be filled with joy.

Eight days 24/7 shows, I can't really even start to count on what made my SL10B so amazing.

Maybe its my Crew that changed my way of thinking.

Maybe its the DJs that changed me to who I am today.

And maybe it's the music, after all it is what makes us do things.

I look back to Second Life to my past, and see the path I walked where I was. And am looking now to where I am. What a transformations it was. Time to look forward to new horizons and to take a step forward.

I wanted to say to all that made an impact on me during this event,  a big thank you. Without you I don't think we could done all of this.

You made this one birthday to remember!

Also wanted to say special thanks to:

Sim Coordinators -  all you did to keep the sims stable

Moderators  -  for keeping our event on the safe side from griefers and unwanted people

Greeters/hosts  - You guys did great work welcoming new residents and all that needed help on the sims.

EA - You guys were just amazing gave the help to exhibitors, what they needed and setting access, rules, and set their parcel, permissions, etc. It's not an easy job but one of the most important.

Performers - It was a blast this year, I thank you for the tunes. Thanks for a job well done.

Leads- (senior and land ) - Thanks for your support and for all you did to make this event happen.
Stage Manager -  without you guys the stages would never worked themselves out.
To sum it up: 

           It was a pleasure to work with you all
           and I am looking forward for next year!!!
P.S. DJ STAGE TEAM - You  Rock  :D           
GOLAN   Eilde
Lead, DJ Stage                     

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  1. also wnated to say thank you to the exhibitors for their art they made on the sl10b sims it looks amazing :D