Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paradise Gallery RFL Art Auction

 Second Life Newser was contacted about an art gallery auction, where the proceeds go to the Relay For Life. Lily Correia (Illyanna Kirilov) helps run Paradise Gallery, which is raising funds for cancer research.

"My husband and I," Lily told the Newser, "we collected 26 pieces from SL artists as donations. They are all being auctioned at 100% donation to Relay For Life. ... We started having musical entertainment (live performers and DJs) since May 13th. ... We had all the artwork and auction boards up on May 13th, but officially kicked it off May18th ... And we have 4 live performers lined up for the final day of the auction."

How do the auctions go? "With the RFL auction boards, you enter a bid, say $500L. You do NOT have to pay the Lindens up front. (If) someone else clicks the board and enters a higher bid ($50L increments), the person outbid receives notification that they were outbid so they can return and bid again."

The final day for the art auction is Sunday June 2nd.

Paradise Gallery, Despina (194, 130, 21)

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