Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SL Video: "Draxtor Destinations - The Behemoth at SL10B"

(Click Here if the video fails to load)

"Episode Three" of Draxtor Despres' "Draxtor Destinations." He looks at a cartoonish build at the SL10B.

"Second Life, the user-created universe of unbridled digital creativity is turning 10 this month and Loki Eliot has created a monster: the behemoth is a not-really-thinly veiled metaphor for SL in pixel flesh and blood, complete with tiny engineers explaining to the visitor how the best of intentions to nourish and raise a cute infant child of creative expression led to the uncontrollable beauty we enjoy today."

"The Behemoth" is at SL10B Wonderous ( 132, 48, 23)

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