Friday, June 21, 2013

More on the SL10B

There's more going on about the SL10B than we have time to write about. Fortunately others have been.

Daniel Voyager has made quite a few posts on his blog about the Grid's anniversary celebrations. From Press Day, to Opening Day, the Cake Stage, the History Walk, Maps of previous Second Life Birthdays, Bear Island and the Cornfield, the Pod Tours, and the Clanis Telihub. He's also taken quite a few screenshots on his Flickr, with one set for SL10B photos.

Mona Eberhardt has also written a review of the SL10B. Not everything was fine and dandy about the event, she felt. She noted a number of exhibits that were little more than advertisements and how a number of builds were just copies of what was built the last year. But there's no shortage of great and unique builds, such as Qwark Allen's telescope (left).

Crap Mariner also came out with his "Brutally Honest SL10B Sim Tour."

The Linden blog had a few announcements. The Linden Lab Destinations Guide now has a SL10B section. This can help you pick and choose individual exhibits.

Linden Lab has also made a game just for Premium members, The Magellian's Grid Scavenger Hunt.

Magellan Linden has uncovered an evil scheme by mad Doctor Talpa, to build some form of mind-control machines and take over the world. Magellan is busy building a machine to counter this scheme, but in the meantime YOU are needed to gather materials and components -- and to destroy any of Talpa's machines you can find.

Linden Lab also release an infographic about some impressive statistics about Second Life. Among them, stating more than three billion dollars worth of transactions have taken place over the past decade. The claim that 36 million people signed up, though, isn't quite the complete story as not everyone stayed. They did state one interesting bit of trivia, "the most purchased items are womens hairstyles."

Longtime residents may remember when companies left and right were making a presence in Second Life. While most of them have left, there are still businesses who see money to be made here. Alienware is doing a cross-promotion with Linden Lab with a contest, with a computer as the prize.

To help celebrate Second Life’s tenth birthday, we’re running a co-promotion with Alienware , the pioneer in specialty high-performance PC gaming systems! From now until July 17, 2013, Second Life users can enter to win a brand new Alienware 14 laptop!

The events at the SL10B go on until Sunday, and the sims will stay up for another week. So enjoy them while they last.

Image Credit: Daniel Voyager, Mona Eberhardt, Linden Lab, Alienware

Bixyl Shuftan

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