Thursday, June 27, 2013

SL10B Statistics and Comments

Daniel Voyager had some statistics about the SL10B published on his blog. While there have been no numbers for the number of visitors (for SLB6 more than 17,000 residents dropped in at some point while it was open), it does say over 640 were present at the moment of the grand opening. For the 22 sims, there were 375 exhibits and five stages, with 470 applications submitted by performers and among the staff, 115 alone were registered as greeters.

Click Here for the whole list, along with a link to statistics of previous SL birthday celebrations.

The Second Life Wiki has a "History of Second Life" page. It's from Linden Lab, so there's no mention of the adult content protests and the 30% layoffs. Click Here.

Of Second Life's future, Daniel expressed optimism, "I think we will see more new technology introduced from Linden Lab in the coming years making Second Life more realistic, faster and better improved."

Hamlet Au of New World Notes also had a few comments about Second Life, a few which made it to a SF Post article, and more in depth on an article in Hamlet felt the biggest mistake Linden Lab made with the virtual world was "it ignored what the overwhelming majority of residents were actually doing." While it was pushing things like an "Enterprise" version for businesses to hold meetings, it paid little attention to the roleplaying and other gaming, fashion and shopping, adult activities, and other things which were drawing residents. It might have a second chance to get the larger public's attention as technologies like Oculus Rift make it much easier to use. Another thing that got Hamlet's attention, people with physical and mental disabilities were using Second Life to interact with others in ways that would be difficult to impossible without it.

What do you the readers think? What has Second Life done right, and wrong, in it's ten years, and how do you see it's future? Will there be an SL20B?

Bixyl Shuftan

Sources: Daniel Voyager, Hamlet Au

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