Monday, June 3, 2013

Dreamcatcher Home Rentals

By Theonlyjohnny

    This is more than just one sim. Dreamcatcher is a rental company spread across multiple sims. This place has it all, from one room apartments, to full houses. The look and feel of the place is one to remember, and so is the hospitality of the employees.

    Each of the Tower apartments is fully furnished, with a bed, hot tub and couch set. Though they are stacked, which doesn't give a lot of privacy, these rooms are still an amazing find. With the price of 5L per day, or 35L a week, this room makes an amazing home. Yes, you can even add your own personal touch, 10 prims worth of it. You may wish to add more prims, in that case you only need to pay a simple L$2 per prim. Make sure that you're ready for a great time, since the bed offers an adult menu, upon you sitting on it.

    The next room is their $50L Themed rooms. These rooms are much like the Tower apartments, except they add a skybox with 7 themes, and, upon request, offer media and security. These rooms are larger than the apartments, and still offer the same 10 prims, along with the same L$2 per extra prim. These rooms also offer the adult bed menu, and are definitely worth paying a visit to.

    Then there's what I call the double room. In looks almost like the themed rooms, only it has a wall, and doorway to get to the hot tub and the bed. This adds more privacy, and at L$ 125 a week I would say it's a great investment. Plus, 20 prims for you to decorate with is a great reason why these rooms can instantly feel like home to you.

     The Loft skyboxes, much like the themed rooms, offer security and media, upon request, along with the bed, couch set, and hot tub. However, these rooms aren't called loft skyboxes for nothing. The bed is situated on a loft, above the hot tub, which sits in a room, perfect for a restroom. Right outside the door to the "restroom" is a small dining table, with two chair, and a kitchen area. To the side of the "restroom" (which, might I add, sits in the corner) is the living room, with the couch set, and the media system. These rooms do offer the changeable skybox themes, and 20 prims as well. At L$190 a week, these rooms are definitely a sight to see.

    The Manhattan skybox rooms are amazing rooms that offer an upstairs bedroom, and bathroom, as well as a large downstairs. These not only offer the standard couch set, bed, and hot tub, they also offer media and security, upon request of course, a rug and even a fire place. Of course they're not called Manhattan skyboxes for nothing, since you have a night and a day view of Manhattan. These rooms also offer house controls for lighting, and 20 prims for your own personal touches. At L$ 350 a week, these rooms are a great deal, that is unmatched.

    Of course, as I mentioned earlier, they offer houses as well. These houses range from L$ 200 to L$ 599, along with some in 1000's. Each house is fully furnished, the way a house should be, and they're all extremely well designed.

    The sum total of all these choices is not some number. It's the amazing place that Dreamcatcher is. This is not just another place to rent homes. Dreamcatcher is much more than that. It's a place where you can meet new people, and make new friends.

    Now, I know that I have told you a lot about it. However, there are other people who can vouch for how great a place this is. One tenant, Imagine, writes,

"I absolutely love living at Dreamcatcher Home Rentals! Jessa is super sweet and lets me build with in limits. This is the best place I've ever lived in SL and will be here for a really long time."

Then Mariah, another tenant, writes,

"Dreamcatcher is a great place to live.  We have a wonderful skybox with a great price to call home.  All the residents are very friendly and the managment is also friendly and super helpful.  I would recomend Dreamcatcher to anyone old or new if you are looking for a great place to live at an affordable rate.  The homes are beautiful and have everything we need already there."

    These are just two people who have each had a very great time living in a home, rented to them from Dreamcatcher.

    All in all, I would say visiting Dreamcatcher has been one of the best times of my life, and I would definitely recommend y'all check it out.

Pictures from SL Marketplace


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