Sunday, June 16, 2013

SL10B Begins Today

After months of planning, the Second Life Tenth Birthday celebration, the SL10B, the biggest event on the Grid, is all set to begin today.

One of course can port in anywhere here, but the closest thing to an official entrance is here, at the Welcome Area Arch at SL10B Wonderous (6, 93, 22)

Near the arch is a replica of the old style "Newbie Corral" from the Natoma sim, which was removed in 2003.

Just north of the Corral is the Avatar Central Freebie Gift Shop, at SL10B Beguile (244, 141, 22)

Inside one can find a number of old style avatars, including the one I started out with, in addition to some SL10B goodies such as a teddy bear.

To the west at SL10B Beguile (161, 119, 22) is the "History Walk, where one can get a brief history of Second Life, with various objects as three dimensional illustrations. The walking squares nearby are described as having been part of the "Humble Path" in Tehama, "the only known content created by Governor Linden."

It was a very different virtual world in those early days.

To help in looking around, there are Pod Tours available. This Pod station is located southwest of the Welcome Arch at SL10B Wonderous (0, 51, 21).

One classic area, "The Cornfield," has been recreated at The Corn Field1 (200, 167, 23)

The Main Stage, made up of four sims, SL10B Astound, Enchant, Fascinate, and Pizzazz.

And while looking around, don't forget to stop by the SL Newser office tower exhibit. We're located at SL10B Astonish (177, 78, 21)

The fun begins at 12 Noon, SL time. So be there, and plan ahead for lag.

For more information, check out the SL10B blog:

For more pictures, check the SL10B Flickr:

Bixyl Shuftan

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