Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Request For Honor Flight Letters

Dusk Griswold, one of the Sunweaver community's residents, recently contacted the Newser about a certain request, one involving older veterans.

"Are you familiar with the Honor Flight?" she asked me, "They happen all over the country. Basically, they fly veterans to (Washington) DC to see the WW2 memorial, at no cost to them. Someone we know is taking their father in law on one in a few weeks, he served from 1945-1948."

Of the people involved in taking the veteran on the flight, "They are asking people to write short notes thanking him for his service, so on the flight ,each veteran will have a mailbag. I would like to see if anyone would like to write a short note that will go to the veteran to read on the flight. It would be a real life letter or card.

"The veteran's name is Charles Pool. The address is: Charles Pool, c/o Aline Wallace, PO Box 409, Cuba IL 61427-0409. They need to have the letters by Sept 13. The son-in-law who will travel with the veteran is Phil St. John."

Dusk commented the only connection to Second Life this had was, "my connection to the family. ... His daughter died of cancer a few years ago. There is a public butterfly garden (in real life) named after the daughter. My real-life spouse knew the daughter, and knows Phil."

Dusk felt one of the issues in the was how was the Second World War was passing from living memory, "I think it is important to honor veterans, and we are quickly losing the WW2 vets." She mentioned Rita Mariner, the leader of the Sunweaver community, her father was one, "Although the honor flights are not limited to WW2 vets, they do give priority to (them). When I was waiting for the boarding time on my flight from DC, they announced over the PA the arrival of an honor flight. A lot of people applauded."

Once again, the address is

Charles Pool
c/o Aline Wallace
PO Box 409,
Cuba IL

The deadline for the letters is September 13

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. My father served in WWII and one of the last trips he went on was on the Honor Flight - I can honestly say that I do not know anything that made him happier. This is an awesome opportunity. I made sure my father had a hat from the ship he served on - he is buried with that hat and his Honor Flight pin! A cancer survivor - he did not die of cancer.