Monday, September 12, 2016

SL Video: "The Drax Files - World Makers Episode 40 - Bernhard Dörries"

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The latest "Drax Files" video from Draxtor Despres on Sept 1, "This episode of the Drax Files focuses on 88-year-old Bernhard Dörries. A successful German film director whose prolific career spans more than 50 years and 129 films, Bernhard continues to explore storytelling and creativity through Second Life.

"In Second Life, Bernhard’s avatar is Bernhard McIntyre - a youthful representation of his creative intellect, as well as a vehicle to cope with the emotional and physical challenges of moving into an assisted living situation.

“'My avatar is co-creator, equal partner in sharing feelings, co-owner of feelings and emotions,' he says.

[**** please choose your subtitles in the lower right corner by clicking "cc" and for an English transcript go to ***]"

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