Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cartoon of the Day

Someone once spoke about griefers, "They think they're the cleverest thing since bumper nuts, but nine times out of ten, they're the same-old, same old." One dropping by a certain club I was at was especially lame. While these weren't the exact insults tossed his way, what did get spoken was far more clever than what crudery he did.

And just why are most griefers either mishapen messes, or have something like TV set heads?

By Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Well in my early days of second life that I used to buy them some of the guns all the time and I will say they're not exactly the smartest creatures out there who are out smarted them more often than not and you're right most of the time they look like they have a TV set on their head or we basically but end of Jabba the Hutt

  2. It's intentionally done for sure, because they literally do not give a damn what they look like, they only want to vex you with their objects, bump your avatar around, and their jumping on your dance balls and other pose balls, and your furniture without permission. They’re not here to “play the game” as their only goal is harassment and to make everyone else’s experience miserable, and thus it’s not important if they have the latest fashion or an attractive avatar.