Saturday, September 3, 2016

Announcement: Medieval Festival in Raglan Shire

And So It Begin’eth!!

The Castle and start of the Medievel Village have been placed down as we prep for the 11th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival which is starting now!

Lots of Things to do and see including revamped classics and new Events!

Over the next week as we finalize the grounds and castle, folks will have a chance to wander about and see our backdrop, play games, dance to the Medieval Cadre of melody makers and then… The Medieval STUFF will start!

The Grand Costume Ball™ – To kick everything off!

  The All New Pyramid Dragon (and Mummy!) Maze™ – Swee has outdone herself with this years entry designed to test your logic and patience as competitors will try to find their way through the maze and escape with the treasure without being roasted, clawed or eaten by the Dragons at the center in the throne room OR the Mummies wandering the hallways! (open to all regardless of size!)

The 11th Golden Bow Archery Tourney™ – Will you taste Archery Glory? Trophies & Pieces of gold awarded to the top 3 finishers! (open to all regardless of size!)

The Raglan Shire Ultimate Stabby Stabby Championship™  – TWO Knights enter THE ARENA OF SWEAT ,IRON AND MAYHEM™ & ONE Knight emerges victorious! Tournament style sword fighting action for all! Trophies , Prize moneys and Sword fighting Glory could be yours!

The 10th Annual Raglan Shire JOUST™ – The Brand New Recreated Joust as created by Catten, Apollo & Peaches AKA C.A.P™ & Hosted by C.A.P™! New Animations, new Horses, New ways to be impaled! This is the Grand-daddy of all the Medieval Festival events (open to all sizes!)! Will you emerge as the Grand Champion or as a smear on the ground?  Trophies & Prize Money to the Winners plus the adulation and lucrative sponsorship deals that invariable will flow in!

**In addition to the above, expect to see Live musical performances, Fortune telling and maybe a few extra surprises (Hunts? Balloon Races? Medieval Godzilla?).

Rat Pops, all manner of Food on a stick & Wootberry ales and wine available to quench your medieval hunger and thirst!

Get Ready folks! It’s time to get MEDIEVAL!

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