Thursday, September 29, 2016

Press Release: Halloween Photography Contest by Astral Sector Alpha and Trotsdale Library

Kino Moonites from Astral Sector Alpha (the Astrids) and Project Catfort is running an SL photography contest. This is a cross-group contest in return for the cross-group writing contests the Trotsdale Library has headed in the past.

Theme: Halloween/Harvest
Picture Location: Anywhere, so long as it fits the theme.
Deadline: Midnight EST October 30, or 9 PM SLT October 30

All submissions will be displayed in the ASA art gallery in Computer. There will be prizes for the top three. Prizes have not yet been determined.

To enter: Put your photo submissions in a notecard with your name and statement that they are for the photo contest. Title the notecard "Your Legacy Name _ Halloween/Harvest Photo Contest". Send the note card at full perms to Amehana Ishtari or Kino Moonites, or put it in a drop box in the Ibexian Library building in the Ibex Empire sim and the Trotsdale Library building in Trotsdale if you're worried that the notecard will be lost or not received. Likewise there will be a dropbox in the ASA gallery. Amehana will deliver the Dropboxes to Kino Moonites when it is time to collect the cards.

An entry regarding the contest will also be make in the Intersim Library Website will be made at

Box sites:

Library, Trotsdale Heights (22, 156, 24)

ASA: Astral Coalition, Computer (65, 144, 25)

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