Monday, September 5, 2016

"No More Relay!!" By Catt Gable

Don’t get me wrong . . .
I feel privileged to serve,
To stand or sit and wait for someone to need me
at the ACS Island Information Area.
Ready to answer questions and offer directions,
wearing a warm smile and
my Greeters’ blouse with the RFL logo

But I live . . . no . . . I Relay for the day
When no one will land, look around, see me
and say, “Hi. I just found out I have cancer,
and I don’t know where to go.”

I weep for the day someone isn’t standing before me
shaking with tears in real life and with gestures
because they are too young . . .
How could this be happening to them.

To not have a Survivor or Caregiver come to my aid
and offer to take some soul under their wing,
to let them know they are not alone
and here they have found haven.
That’s what I want.

Because when all that ceases,
it means we have found the Cure,
that cancer has been defeated!

It is
[19:41]  Cinders Vale:  my hope, my prayer
that because of our Victory
my watch can finally end,
and I can finally say . . .

No More Relay!!

By Catt Gable, of the Relay Rockers RFL team, whom passed away last week, the news of her death reaching Second Life on Saturday. A memorial service is being planed.

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