Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fantasy Dreams At Theater On The Hill

Dance show group***Fantasy Dreams**
Magical and beautiful stories.
The romance and beauty of music.
Director&Choreography: Ness (donotgivemyself)
Director designer: Urfin (Valtum)
Producer: Laura Jierdon.

I was able to get over to see the performance of the wonderful Fantasy Dreams dance group at the Theater on the Hill (TOTH) on Saturday. It was filled with wonderful scenery by Urfin and great choreography by Ness (donotgiveofmyself). I have seen their shows before so always enjoy seeing a new one. It was an eclectic collection of scenes from a sensuous dance to a barnyard western dance and then to startling light filled spectors making figures in the air as they twisted and twirled. The settings are always amazing as are the costumes each different and fitting the setting. It is a wonderful group of dancers and I look forward to seeing them again soon. 
Fantasy World is the name of the show.  I also wait notices from the TOTH as they always have great shows there and I love the grounds. , an article I did in April about the Theater and the grounds.
Ness told me they will be performing the show again on the 17 and 24th of September at the Club "NOVUS " and Theatre "Fantasy Dreams" at 11am slt

Gemma Cleanslate

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