Monday, September 19, 2016

Press Release: Halloween Writing Contest in Trotsdale

It is time once again for a writing contest with the Intersim Library Network. This is open to everyone within Second Life. If you are coming to us via the forum or website first, then please join Second Life in order to be able to receive your prize if you are chosen as a winner.

Suggested Theme: Halloween, Spooky, Harvest, or anything appropriate to this time of year.

Suggested Length: 2,000 word maximum

What: Poetry or short story

Deadline: Oct 31, 2016


Number of submissions: up to 3 per person!

How to submit:
1. Via notecard at one of the following locations in the dropbox

Library, Trotsdale Heights (22, 156, 24)
Derpyland Giftshop, Derpyland (54, 224, 21)
Astral Coalition, Computer (29, 185, 21)

2. In a reply on this thread after you have made sure your entry is ready to post.

What we are looking for:
Please no one liners. We will be judging on structure, recognizable characters, dialog, setting, tone, style, and point of view. It is suggested that you also have proof read and edited your submission(s) before turning them in. All submissions must be suitable for PG 13.

Starting pool: 615$L
The amount of $Lindens to be distributed will depend on what is in the prize pool. Hanaarashi Resident will be the holder of the funds. To contribute to the prize pool you can send $L to Hanaarashi Resident, or tip the jar at the dropsites by the submission boxes. If you'd like to donate an item prize (ex: shop gift card) for this or future contests then please send a note to me on this forum, or to Amehana Ishtari (Amehana Arashi) on Second Life. There were 115$L build up in the account from percentages of sales I send there (this way I make sure I donate bit by bit on top of other donations) and I dropped another 500$L in to start the pool well.

Number of winners: Up to two!
Judge's Choice winner
Popular Choice winner

People's Choice Award - After the close of the submission period Amehana will make sure that all entries (both via forum and SL notecard) are posted in this thread. A poll will then be set up to allow the People to choose their favorite entry.

Judge's Choice Award - After the close of the submission period Amehana will ensure that all chosen fellow judges have access to all the stories. Judging deadline is yet to be set. Judges will then give their vote as to who they feel the winner should be.

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